Vvzela KOOK 曲倩雯

Selected works


Born in 1990, lives and works in Hong Kong, Vvzela Kook is a new media artist who mainly works in audiovisual mediums, including performance, theatre, generative video and drawing. Her audiovisual works combine media with performance; they explore the possibility of coexistence between contemporary performance types, like dance or choreography, and computer-generated new media.

Kook’s video works combine technology with her artistic practice to reproduce and convert urban cityscapes into an integrated virtual experience, guiding the audience on a cybernetic journey. The condensed textures in her works connect with multiple sensual levels in our perception and reintroduce the unexplored potential of video as a medium.

Kook has participated and shown her works in Push Performing Art Festival in Vancouver(2017), MILL6 Foundation (2017), Microwave International Media Festival in Hong Kong (2016), K11 Shanghai (2016), Hong Kong Arts Festival (2015), Sound Art China Exhibition (2013), Frischzelle Festival and Dusseldorf Festival (2012), and “89+”program (2012) co-curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist and Simon Castets. 

Selected Activities

2017.11    "Any dimension you like", solo exhibition, Edmond Gallery, Berlin, Germany*
2017.11    "On the Road", Guanshanyue Art Museum, Shenzhen, China*
2017.09    "The Garden", K11, Hong Kong
2017.06    "It was the best of times, it ws the worst of times", duo solo exhibition with Lee Cheng, Mana Contemporary, Chicago, USA
2017.03    "Dialogue of Trees", multimedia concert tour, Norway
2017.02    "Watermark", media walk, Vancouver, Canada
2017.02    Push Performing Arts Festival, Vancouver, Canada
2016.11    "You are not alone", Oi! Art Space, Hong Kong
2016.11    Unstumm, audio-visual collaborative live performance, Hong Kong
2016.05    VISAURAL, audio-visual performance, Microwave International New Media Festival, Hong Kong
2016.03    WE: A Community of Chinese Contemporary Artists, K11 Shanghai, Shanghai
2015.11    Screening at Cinema Silenzio, Clockenflap. West Kowloon Culture District, Hong Kong
2015.11    Visual design and installation, Multimedia concert Dialogue of Trees-Hong Kong & Norway. Y Studio, Youth Square, Hong Kong
2015.11    Improvisation, collaborate with Dj Sniff and Chin King. “jolt touring festival” 2015, Hong Kong
2015.03    Intermedia dance theater, visual design, “Fleeing by Night”, Contemporary Dance Series, Hong Kong Arts Festival
2014.11    Intermedia dance theater, visual design, “Fleeing by Night”, YINZI Theater, Chongqing
2014.09     Audio Visual performance, “A Study on Geometry”, Sonic Anchor #18, Virtuosic Electronica, McAulay Studio, Hong Kong Arts Centre.
2013.12     Audio-visual performance, “DOOR”, CityU CMC
2013.12     Exhibition “What you see is not what you get”,”Crazy Box”,CityU CMC
2013.04     Audio-visual performance, Experimental Intermedia, NYC
2013.03    REVOLUTION PER MINUTE: SOUND ART CHINA,“Atlas Recorder”, Planetarium Audio-Visual performance, “Parallel” Colgate University, USA
2013.01     DLD Conference, “89+” panel, Curated by Hans Ulrich Orbist & Simon CastetsMunich, German
2013.01     Media Theater Performance, “Virtual Mancer”, NEW ASDICON Group, Opening ceremony of Green Box exhibition
2012.12     Exhibition: “ART In DIGITAL REALMS”, Wuhan K11 Art Space
2012.12     Audio-visual performance,"Frischzelle Live Performance Workshop”, China Academy of Art
2012.12     Audio-visual performance, “RAM Sound: Adjustable Disordered",Shanghai Rockbund Art Museum
2012.11     Audio-visual performance, "8090Youthink" Exhibition Opening Ceremony, Ningbo Art Museum
2012.09     Audio-visual performance, Frischzelle Festival and Dusseldorf Festival, Cologne and Dusseldorf
2012.08    Six Channel Sound Installation “Reincarnation”, Ars Electronica Linz, Austria
2011.12     Media theater performance, “ASDICON3.0” ASDICON group, UFO Media Theater
2011.11      Media theater performance, ASDICON group, R.U.R Theater
2011.11      Media theater performance, ASDICON2.0 “Happy Shall He Be” ASDICON group, Hangzhou Sonart 4.3, Hangzhou Sonart Club
2011.06      Media theater performance, ASDICON1.0 “Machinery Induction”mASDICON group, Hangzhou Sonart 4.2, Hangzhou Sonart Club