ZHANG Chong 张翀

Selected works


Born 1988 in Shanghai, China. Lives and works between Shanghai and Bonn, Germany.


2008 - 2013 Shanghai Institute of Visual Art, Bachelor of Fine Arts in sculpture (B.F.A)
2014 - 2018 Alanus University, Master of Fine Arts in sculpture (M.F.A), Prof. Jochen Breme

Selected exhibitions

Resonance - Young Chinese Artists in Germany, Kunstraum Villa Friede, Bonn
Gänge, group show of Chinese young artists residency in Berlin, Edmond Gallery, Berlin
Art project in Grabowsee Art Village, Berlin
Rising Stars, Galerie Kunstbroeders, Netherlands
DIE GROSSE, Kunstschau NRW Düsseldorf, Museum Kunstpalast
Boundless Buddha, Migrant Bird, Berlin
Gletscher, o.N. Kunst Zeit Raum, Cologne (solo)
How we live ,UNO, Bonn
Just what is it that makes today's Gods so different, so appealing?, Chinese Museum of Finance, Beijing
Everything that rises or falls, circles or breaks, has an aesthetic end in sight, Bonn
Recall, Creative Festival Works Exhibition, Shanghai.
Oil Painting & Sculpture Institute Art Gallery, Shanghai.
Xuhui Art Museum, Shanghai
Beiwaitan 111 Art park, Shanghai